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Rotor blade for innovative tidal generator


An intelligent, heavy-duty CFC rotor blade has been developed and produced by Avantgarde Technologie GmbH for the SCHOTTEL Group using VAP® technology and process engineering support from Composyst GmbH. To limit the shearing forces that can occur at overspeed, the intelligent blade adjusts in shape to enlarge its pitch angle. This significantly reduces thrust augmentation and keeps the load exerted on the tur bine and the supporting structure at a low download

VAP® Center of Excellence for aviation applications


VAP® is an established production process originally developed in the aerospace sector. The Center of Excellence for VAP® use in aviation applications is a community of specialized companies offering core competencies along the component production chain in the areas of engineering, project planning, aviation-qualified VAP® membrane systems and further materials, process introduction, production support, contract manufacturing and component qualification. The Center of Excellence is thus able to provide international customers a raft of end-to-end services and aids for all areas of VAP® implementation and product realization. download

VAP® 3D: Membrane solutions adapted to component form


The qualified VAP® membrane system C2003 developed by Trans-Textil acts as the basis of the three-dimensional custom-shaped membranes developed as part of the AZIMUT and RoCK aviation projects. Custom-shaped system components facilitate lay-up handling and deliver significant time and costs savings in the fabrication of complex integral assemblies on the basis of tailor-made vacuum bags produced with the help of innovative joining techniques. Following the official start of the RoCK project, Trans-Textil GmbH and its partners are now concerned with streamlining the industrial-scale VAP® process still further. download

The VAP®Alliance: Expert network for the vacuum assisted process


The partners in the VAP® Alliance offer support to interested manufacturing enterprises on all aspects of the VAP® Vacuum Assisted Process – whether making the move from hand lamination to closed infusion technology for consistent process yields, enhancing the quality of an existing resin infusion process, or implementing an economical production alternative. The VAP® Alliance expert network will be participating in the JEC Europe at the Carbon Composites Association stand (no. T46) in Hall 1. download

The VAP®Alliance is growing


Joint showing on VAP® Vacuum Assisted Process at Composites Europe 2011
Expert network for membrane-assisted low pressure infusion at the Carbon Composites Association booth (booth A03 in hall 4) download

Flugzeug-Union Süd joins VAP®-alliance


In the last 40 years FUS has been a high performing and extremely competent supplier of a wide range of vacuum process materials. FUS has recently joined the VAP-Network and is a full subsidiary of Airbus, who is the patent holder of the VAP-Technology (Vacuum Assisted Process).

VAP®Alliance at the JEC 2011


The VAP® Alliance will be showcased at the JEC at the Carbon Composites booth (no. T46 in Hall 1), where Airbus and its global security division Cassidian will be presenting its VAP® licensing programme from 29 to 31 March and showing how easy it is to gain a license to deploy VAP® technology in differing fields.
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Access to VAP® technology via Airbus and Trans-Textil


As part of its Technology Licensing Initiative, Airbus Defense & Space is placing its patented VAP® membrane-assisted, low pressure infusion method at the disposal of the market by means of a licence management system. Trans-Textil GmbH, an Airbus-authorised VAP® licensor for the non-aerospace sector and preferred Airbus partner in the aerospace sector, is the direct, worldwide contact for all questions concerning contract-based VAP® licensing. The exclusive Airbus partner for VAP® membrane systems will be exhibiting at the Composites Europe show at stand A05 in hall 12. download

Airbus and Trans-Textil adopt joint approach for VAP®process


The quality, efficiency and success of lightweight construction work depend on experience as well as knowledge of the latest developments in the field, such as the VAP® vacuum-assisted approach. The processes and membrane systems involved have international patent protection taken out by Airbus and Trans-Textil for all applications areas. Acquiring a licence for the implementation of VAP® helps users secure protection of their resulting technological know-as well as further R&D work on the VAP® process. download

VAP® membrane-assisted low pressure infusion


VAP® membrane systems are developed and produced by Airbus partner Trans-Textil GmbH, which also licenses their use in the non-aerospace sector. In a joint showing with Airbus, Trans-Textil will be exhibiting new technical solutions for VAP® membraneassisted low pressure infusion at the JEC Composites Show, underscoring intensification of their colaboration. download

Multifunctional textile solutions for VAP®


Trans-Textil GmbH supplies membrane systems – the central component in the VAP® approach – for use in the respective membrane-assisted low pressure infusion work. The combination its membrane systems involve of air- and gas-permeable resin barrier plus sophisticated textile carrier enables a high degree of precision in the production of complex lightweight parts. At the same time each of its membrane systems is individually tailored to the specific process variables of gas permeability, barrier performance, heat resistance and drapability. download

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