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The Gustav Gerster GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally known company in home textiles. The Business Unit Gerster TechTex was founded in 2004. We are specialized in the production of Near-net-Shape Textiles for the composite market and products for the vacuum infusion process (VAP ® and others).


Resin infusion/vacuum tapes help you to produce components in all geometric shapes with the vacuum infusion process. Our resin infusion tapes are made of polyester (PES) and can be used as a resin as well as a vacuum channel. An adapter, which can be attached to the resin infusion tape, improves the handling of connecting the tape to the resin supply hose. Maximum width of the tape is 20 cm.


Our laminar resin/vacuum distribution media is equally drapable in all directions. During the VAP®-process the resin/vacuum distribution media adapts perfectly to the component geometry. Components with lower fiber content can be produced by placing the resin distribution media between vacuum-bag and peel-ply.

In reinforcement textiles our main focus is on near-net shape structures, including 2D, 2½D and 3D textiles for resin infusion, the RTM-process or for pultrusion. 3D-profiles can be offered a thickness of 0.6 – 15mm.

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Woven spiral ribbons can be used in round components and as local reinforcements in components. Multilayer hoses and spiral ribbons enlarge your options. As new possibility we offer to weave contours directly to product shape.

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Another product group are gusset fillers as cord gussets or unidirectional gussets. Inner edges/flanges are best reinforced by cord gussets. UD-gussets work best for outside edges and inside textile joints, UD-fillers work equally well as tension elements or 3D filler for non-structural component areas.

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Gustav Gerster GmbH & Co. KG
Business Unit TechTex
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