Dealing with porosity

The Airbus-patented Vacuum Assisted Process (VAP®) uses the properties of modern, semi-permeable membrane systems in highly developed textile composites to apply the effect of a vacuum to the entire surface of a component. In this way, trapped air and gas can be reliably and efficiently removed.

Air and reaction gases that are trapped during closed infusion processes can cause weaknesses in lightweight components. In conventional infusion processes, the entire assembly – subjected to low pressure – must be extensively flushed with the infusion medium until it can be safely assumed that there is no more trapped air and gas inside the component.

The vacuum has to be reduced towards the end of the infiltration process in order to avoid the matrix boiling effect.

Trans-Textil GmbH is the exclusive manufacturer of licensed VAP® membrane products as well as the general licensee and technology partner of the patent owner Airbus.


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