Protected know-how

Knowledge is the only commodity in the world that grows when it is shared. Achieving quality, efficiency and success in lightweight construction requires leading-edge knowledge and experience. VAP® users and their customers are guaranteed this competitive edge with the system’s processes, membrane systems and other components – all of which are internationally patent-protected by Airbus and Trans-Textil for all areas of application.

By purchasing licensed VAP® products and the license for use of the patented technology as part of an easily-accessible and practice-driven system, the users secure the further development of the process and protect their own technological know-how from competitors.

Four steps towards a VAP® licence:



Please note that use of non-licensed membrane products in the VAP® membrane-assisted vacuum infusion process constitute an infringement of the international intellectual property rights of Airbus Defence and Space GmbH and will be prosecuted. Licensed VAP® membrane products are obtainable solely from the exclusive manufacturer and general licensee Trans-Textil GmbH and its authorized sales partners.

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