VAP strips

VAP® strips

Our broad portfolio offers not only membrane systems designed for efficient implementation of various VAP® applications but also solutions tailored to specific customer requirements. The edges and corners on complex integrated structural components are no problem for flexible membrane systems thanks to our VAP® strips, which we deliver in widths adapted to design specifications.

VAP multilayer

VAP® multilayer

Integrating several VAP® stack layers into one facilitates handling quite considerably. Our multifunctional membrane systems do this already, as evidenced by the breather layer they incorporate. The small raised nubs involved (see right) act as spacers for optimum vacuum distribution and faster removal of trapped air and gas as well as lower likelihood of handling mistakes. In other words, VAP® multilayer not only saves significantly on time but also improves results.

VAP integral

VAP® integral

As an expert in the production of textile systems, Trans-Textil is involved in the CFK Integral Aviation Project, working with other partners on finding further means of combining as many flexible VAP® stack layers into one.

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